Manny Pacquiao had a free day in Miami on Tuesday and went to a Heat-Bucks game. Pacquiao, who works as a player and coach in the Philippine Basketball League, is friendly with Heat coach Erik Spoelstra.

But Pacquiao wasn’t the only boxer at the game. Floyd Mayweather Jr attended as well.

Pacquiao says Mayweather gave him his cell number and told him it’s time for them to work this fight out themselves. Pac says he got told 1 minute before halftime that Floyd was coming over for a chat. Pacquiao said he never spoke to Floyd in person before tonight. Thank Winter Storm Juno if this fight ever happens. Pac wasn’t supposed to be here tonight — but his flight was canceled.

Pacquiao had planned to fly to the Philippines on Tuesday via New York, but had difficulty getting a flight out due to the weather, so went to the game.

The boxers had a brief conversation with each other and are trying to work out a mega fight on May 2nd in Las Vegas.

Pacquiao has said he’s agreed to all of Mayweather’s terms and conditions, including a 60-40 purse split favoring Mayweather and agreement on drug testing. But no contract has been drawn up and Pacquiao’s team has begun talks with Amir Khan in case a fight with Mayweather is unable to be made.

Pacquiao has put a Saturday deadline on Mayweather to come to an agreement or he’ll turn attention to Khan.